A Rx for the P word... Procrastination

Hello, October!

What does the 1st of the month mean other than paychecks, bills, and a trend on social media? When you think about it… is it anything more than just a calendar change?

The real question is what do YOU want it to mean? What do YOU want to do this month to make yourself proud and feel accomplished?

Read on as a share three simple hacks to make each new month more meaningful.

Grab a pen and paper and answer the questions below. This activity will help you clear your head and CRUSH your October goals beginning tomorrow:

  1. Consider this: Over the past nine months what were the things you kept saying you wanted to do but didn’t get to? Take a moment and write them down without judging yourself. It’s healthier to have them on paper than floating around your head making you feel like a “failure” because you are not!

  1. Now, what is the one thing you keep thinking about but are procrastinating or fearful to start or finish it? There is always something on our mind, right? Write down that one thing then create a real, actionable plan to get it done. Here’s my process:

    • Clearly say what the goal or project is. (Make it a concrete statement. Don’t say: I will lose weight. Do say: I will release 10 lbs. by eating less junk and doing something physical three times per week)

    • How will it look and feel once it’s done? This helps you visualize the end result and give you something to look forward to. Think about it, we eat certain foods because we know how they taste. You spend time with certain people because of how they make you feel. The same applies to your goals... get excited about the result and not dread the process.

    • Who do I need to help me accomplish it? Sometimes you need to solicit help from someone else or even identify someone to hold you accountable. Accountability partners work but I don't recommend family or friends. This is where a coach or mentor comes in. If you need a coach, contact me... life is better when you constantly have someone pushing you to be great!

    • What are the next three things you need to do to accomplish this goal? Often times we see the big picture and get overwhelmed. When you identify what you need to do next it will combat paralysis by analysis. Take the big goal and make it small.

    • When will you finish? This is a critical piece. Put a fulfillment date on your goal. Select a date that is realistic and doesn’t cause you to feel overwhelmed. Once you commit to a date you will notice how it remains top of mind so you minimize distractions and time-wasting activities.

    3. Now, repeat #2 for everything you wrote down in #1. Turn your list into a plan... created by you and for you.

Use the momentum from above and set a personal year-end goal. Complete this statement:Before December 31, I will _______ to make myself proud. You have three months - have fun with this one!

Now, clear your head and put things on paper. When you can see what you want - and the process it will take to achieve it - you are equipped to take action. Be careful not to make a list or write out your goals and not take action. Our minds are tricky… it will believe it “accomplished” something just by writing it down. The written process is just step one…keep going and see it through completion.

I hope you notice how awesome you feel after doing one thing. Sustain that momentum and keep going to finish 2019 like a boss (of your life). This, my friend, is how you manage procrastination...

One. Action. Step. At. A. Time.

You Got This!

Your Mental Fitness Coach,

Talk soon and be blessed!