How Faith Can Trump Your Fear

I am excited about ALL things 2019!

If you are like most people you are feeling the calmness of the end of the year sprinkled with some anxiety to get things done before the clock strikes 2019. Right? Don’t worry… it’s ok to admit you have some anxiety when you want to finish strong. The key is to recognize that you are feeling anxious and take a moment to release yourself from it. You can do this by saying a simple affirmation while taking deep breathes, “I am calm. I can do this” I have a few personal goals to complete before 2019 so I am reminding myself to breathe and stay present in the moment, too. My biggest goal is to successfully teach my first LIVE Masterclass, Cast a Vision for 2019, tonight! There are a few seats left so grab yours now! If you can’t make it the replay will be up tomorrow so no worries!

At-a-glance, you will discover:

  • What blocked you from crushing your goals this year

  • How to strategically set goals

  • What a vision really is and how it will minimize distractions

  • How to use daily wins to gain and sustain momentum.

There is one requirement to Cast a Vision for 2019... Faith. You need faith in God that you can walk into what you desire for your life. Your faith will allow you to see past where you are… to visualize where you want to be. Your faith will let you know you CAN do it when your old thinking and limiting beliefs are saying you can’t.

Faith is part of your spiritual well-being. It is a personal search for purpose and where your core values and beliefs stimulate from. It is what keeps you balanced from within.

It is what makes you-you.

Here are a few daily practices to enhance your spiritual well-being:

  • Search for truth. If you have questions about your faith seek the guidance of those wiser than you. If you seek something you will find it. If you ask you will get answers. The more confident you are in what you believe the easier it is to implement spiritual practices in your life.

  • Pray. This will give you the confidence to make the best decisions. A prayer for guidance mixed with your wisdom will lead you down paths you did not know were available. Your prayers activate your faith muscle.

  • Meditate. There are countless meditative practices but the easiest is focusing on your breath… going in and out of your nose. This practice helps you sharpen your mind by keeping your attention on one thing and keeps you from distracting thoughts. Remember, it is called a practice so it takes practice. Here is how you do it: set a timer for at least five minutes, be still and breathe. That’s it! People who meditate on a regular tend to be more calm, focused and live more fulfilled lives. You can truly slow down the busyness of the day by bringing your awareness to your breath.

  • Keep a gratitude journal. There is such power in writing at least ten things you are grateful to have in your life. I recommend writing in the morning to start your day on a positive note.  This practice will give you time to focus on your many blessings and not think about where there is a lack. I began writing in a gratitude journal three years ago and it has become one of my favorite parts of the day. If you don’t want to write – put it in your phone or tablet. The key is just taking time to show appreciation for what you have. As you reflect on what you have - it will amplify your faith that what you desire will come.

  • Go outside. Yes, it may be cold. However, I am grateful for a jacket and scarf. (See what I did there!?) Fresh air is so important to your mind, body, and spirit. If you are in extreme cold please practice wisdom but try to go outside for few moments of fresh air. Your immune system will thank you. Fresh air gives you healthier white blood cells and breathing in natural air releases serotonin… the “feel good” chemical in your body.

You are an amazing human and able to handle anything. Fear of success and/or failure will stop you before anything else does. Implement your spiritual practices to activate your faith so fear doesn’t stand a chance.

Happy New Year and remember… You Got This!

Cheers to your Greatness,

April Lewis