You Really Do Rock!

You have greatness within you.

Those are my favorite words of encouragement from my mentor, Les Brown.

The past couple of days, I have been reminded of a quote from a Yogi tea bag, “If you allow yourself to be successful you will be successful.”

Success is a word that is subjective in nature and used in almost every motivational or inspirational message and speech. But what does it really mean? If you follow my teachings, you know I love words. I love the dictionary and learning about the origin of words. Webster defines success as a degree or measure of succeeding; favorable or desired outcome; one that succeeds.  This definition is beautiful in its subjectivity. 

The question I have for you is... have you ever defined success?

I would venture to say we all want to be successful but have you taken the time to write the vision of success for your life? There are some projects that have a definite measure of "success" e.g., closing the sale, making your quota, or winning in a sporting event. Yet, success in the aforementioned is defined differently by each individual. What if you are in sales and you don’t hit your quota for the month? Did you fail? To a certain type of leader you may have but what does it mean to you? Before you get down on yourself put it in perspective. Did you make more calls this month and overcome the fear of rejection? Did you say your pitch with more confidence than the month before? Did you give it your personal best?

Do you see where the subjectivity comes in? Your success or failure in a situation depends on the lens from which you look and the role you have in the situation.

Don't get me wrong... you will fail at somethings but in the words of Denzel Washington, “Fail big.” This means to allow the "failure" to move you forward to do better, be better, and think outside the box.

Take a moment and define success… on your terms. What makes you proud of YOU? This definition has to be personal so your desire will match your effort. There will be moments when you feel like you have failed but what if you decide to focus on what you are proud of instead?

What if you tell yourself every day, “All I do is Win!” Look in a mirror right now and say, “I do not lose… I learn." This is the self-talk that makes you feel good so you can continue your journey to greatness in spite of what is in front of you.

Positive affirmations shift your energy immediately. Your thoughts shape your reality. 

This was the motivation behind my new eBook “An Affirmation a Day Keeps Negativity Away." In this eBook, I share daily affirmations to help you stay present, positive and productive.

Remember, you got this... as long as you think you do!

Cheers to your greatness,

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