Are you typically one of the smartest people in the room?

Do you look in the mirror and see yourself but not the version you desire to be? Do you see version 6 or 7 but know you are a 10?

I remember when people would always say to me, “you have so much potential” or “you have a bright future ahead of you.” I heard things like this since I was a child, and it was awesome, but as an adult I wanted to BE it – not just hear it!

My name is April Lewis and I am opportunist and problem-solver. Now, most people hear “opportunist” and think it’s bad. Well, as with anything, if you use it in a bad way and for bad reasons – it is. I only see opportunities to BEcome a better version of myself and help others do the same.

My favorite question is, “for what reason.” If you look in the mirror and you see version 6 or 7 ask yourself, “for what reason?” For what reason do you not see a ten?

I used to listen to motivational and inspirational messages until I knew what the speaker would say before they said it! Yet, I still didn’t see anything manifest in my life. I was being told I was great and I was DOing great things but I didn’t feel great. What most people didn’t know was I had a head full of “noise” that stopped me from BEing version 10.

Have you ever wanted to achieve something in life but did not know where to start?

Do you ever look in that mirror and say, “What is wrong with me?”

Or, more commonly, you KNOW what you should be doing but not doing it? Be honest…it is just you and you on this journey!

This was me until I said “Yes!” to think, speak and act like the person God created me to be - version 10. I had to be honest with myself - I was not happy and fulfilled in life.

Now, on the outside it looked like I had everything together but on the inside I was depressed. I was suffering with the heaviness of living the life of a six’er when I was a ten. Can you relate?

What I did next changed my life and affirmed my greatness.

I silenced the noise of the outside world and focused on solutions. I chose listening to the voice of wisdom inside of me instead of others.

I discovered three things I had to do each day to BE April Lewis v.10 (that’s version 10 for my non-techies). I respectfully coined this super easy process as the April Lewis Approach to Mental Toughness.

I will share a secret with you… the only thing you need to reach your full potential is a strong mind… everything else will follow.

You can gain that mental toughness and begin to maximize your performance when I speak at conferences and learning events. Or maybe you want me to work with you individually, or your team. I help you clear the mental clutter and get better results and outcomes.


What if you are knocking on the door of version 10 and simply need an easy solution to open it? You can see it but need something more than just motivation to achieve it. There is only one way to go from knowing to doing.

Let’s talk so I can help. It is my absolute pleasure.